Bill and Connie Hayes Offer a Beacon of Philanthropy and Dedication to Mount Nittany Health - Mount Nittany Health (2024)

William “Bill” Hayes, and his wife Connie, recently made a generous $50,000 gift to the Mount Nittany Health Foundation for the construction of the new Patient Tower. This state-of-the-art facility, slated to open in 2026, is designed to provide an advanced, patient-centered experience and will include 10 floors with 168 private patient rooms. The Hayes’ philanthropy underscores their belief in the vital role the Patient Tower will play in elevating Mount Nittany Health’s capacity to serve the healthcare needs of the Centre region.

Reflecting on his inspiration to support Mount Nittany Health, Bill said, “I have been involved in fundraising for various capital campaigns for the health system for many years. However, what truly elevated my desire to support the Patient Tower was the enthusiasm Connie and I felt for the vision for the future of Mount Nittany Health as a regional medical center, particularly as expressed by its current leadership. In a time when many community hospitals are disappearing, Mount Nittany Health stands strong and independent, maintaining a close connection with the region it serves.”

Bill’s roots run deep in Central Pennsylvania. Originally from Mifflin County, he has dedicated 47 years to serving previously as the President and CEO, and is now Executive Chairman of Kish Bancorp and its principal subsidiary, Kish Bank, which in large part has mirrored the community-focused ethos of Mount Nittany Health. “There are many parallels between Kish Bank and Mount Nittany Health. Both institutions are integral to the community fabric, growing and thriving alongside the region they serve,” said Bill.

His extensive background includes serving on multiple hospital boards, non-profits and charitable organizations following a four-year tenure in the United States Coast Guard, where he performed search and rescue operations before engaging in financial management duties. These experiences gave him a deep appreciation for the mission of Mount Nittany Health. “I have witnessed other hospitals and institutions struggle to endure the financial stresses of survival in an intensely competitive and challenging environment. As I involved myself in the affairs of Mount Nittany Health, it wasn’t long before my family members and I benefited from the exceptional care provided at Mount Nittany Health. In more recent years, I have witnessed its transformation into a healthcare system that develops top-tier specialties and forms strong partnerships with other providers. This transformation is a testament to its focus on delivering high-quality, world-class care while maintaining a powerful connection to our local community,” said Bill.

Connie also hails from the Centre region, and she shares Bill’s commitment to the community. While she has maintained a lifelong focus on her primary role as a mother and now grandmother, she has also demonstrated a deep understanding of how important volunteerism is to the community. Connie has served on the advisory board of Penn State’s Palmer Museum of Art and has been heavily involved as a fundraiser for numerous charitable organizations, such as Easter Seals, the Pennsylvania Pink Zone, Kish for the Cure, Centre Safe, and the Mount Nittany Health Foundation Charity Ball, to name a few. She is a recognized authority on antique American textiles, having authored several articles on Amish quilts and consulted on textiles with several leading museums.

”Mount Nittany Health is an amazing community asset that is emerging as a regional medical center containing state-of-the-art capabilities across a widening spectrum of critical specialties,” saidConnie. “Cancer care, advanced vascular and cardiology services, a newly renovated emergency department and intensive care units, orthopedics, pediatrics, and a refurbished birthing center, are just some of the amazing and life-altering services at Mount Nittany Health. We are so fortunate to have an advanced care medical center right here at home.”

The Hayes’ passion for active engagement extends beyond their philanthropic efforts. In their spare time, Bill and Connie are avid collectors of Pennsylvania antiques, a pursuit they have enjoyed for more than five decades. They are also enthusiastic golfers, appreciative of the outdoor activity with friends and family.

Bill’s advice to others considering philanthropic involvement at Mount Nittany Health is rooted in personal responsibility and community support. “We need to look in the mirror when we think about the institutions we care aboutand that enhance our quality of life,” said Bill. “Healthcare is central to how secure people feel about where they live. In Central Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to have a strong sense of pride in our community, but pride isn’t self-sustaining. It requires individual financial commitment. While Mount Nittany Health has wonderful leadership, we also need supporters and champions who are willing to invest in and secure its future.”

Bill emphasizes that he and Connie’s philanthropy is guided by a deep belief in the causes they support. “It’s one thing to write a check, but combining financial support with volunteerism, and a willingness to stand for the values that Mount Nittany Health represents, results in a geometric expansion of what we can achieve together,” said Bill. “Dedicated community champions for Mount Nittany Health are essential for its vitality and sustainability.”

Through their involvement with Mount Nittany Health, they feel a profound sense of fulfillment. As Bill puts it, “Every human being needs to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. When individual efforts are amplified by the collective, the result is an enhanced quality of life for those in our community that provides a justifiable sense of pride. Our volunteerism at Mount Nittany Health allows us to live out our core values and make a tangible difference.”

Bill and Connie’s generous donation and support exemplify the spirit of philanthropy and community dedication that is essential for the continued success and growth of Mount Nittany Health. Their contributions will not only provide critical funding for next level care in the new Patient Tower, but also inspire others to invest in the future of our community’s critical healthcare provider.

Bill and Connie Hayes Offer a Beacon of Philanthropy and Dedication to Mount Nittany Health - Mount Nittany Health (2024)
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