Michigan Inmate Search, Prison and Jail Information (2024)

Michigan inmate records includethings like arrest warrants, police reports, mugshots, fingerprints, basicinformation about the offender, and lots of details about their journey throughthe criminal justice system.

Most inmate records will includebasics like the person’s name, age, birth date, gender, race, and a physicaldescription noting their eye and hair color, weight, height, and any scars,tattoos, or defining marks. More detailed records will also include courtinformation, charges, sentencing, convictions, arrests, and other detailsrelating to their time in jail or prison.

The state of Michigan allows thepublic to search for inmates residing in state facilities using a tool on theMichigan Department of Corrections website. Some inmate records will be easy tofind, but with others, you may have to consult other agencies.

Michigan Prison and Jail System

The state of Michigan has 39state prison facilities housing inmates of different security levels and needs.The prisons are spread throughout the state. Michigan has a specialadministration called The Correctional Facilities Administration (CFA)responsible for all families and inmates. The state prides itself on offeringeach inmate access to health care, mental health care, educational opportunities,and programming opportunities.

Michigan also has dozens ofcounty jails that serve each area by holding inmates who are awaiting trial, aninitial hearing, or serving out very short sentences (such as less than oneyear).

How to Search for Inmates in Michigan

Michigan makes it easy to searchfor inmates using its Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) system on theMichigan Department of Corrections website. Before using, you must agree totheir terms and conditions. You can then begin by entering a person’s name(partial or full), MDOC number, sex, race, age, status, or any scars andtattoos.

You will then be presented witha list of offenders. You can click on the offender number to see more details.You may see a mugshot (if available), physical details, aliases, and details oftheir offenses, including sentence length, county of conviction, court filenumber, and conviction type.

You can also use a third-partytool like InfoTracer to search for inmates in Michigan easily.

Types of Jails in Michigan

  • Federal Prisons - 2
  • State Prisons - 32
  • Private Prisons - 1
  • County Jails - 101
  • County Juvenile Detention Centers - 14
  • Police Departments - 375

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Michigan

The MichiganDepartment of Corrections encourages inmate visitation. However, before anyone canvisit, they must fill out a Visitor List form(CAJ-334). Each inmate is allowed a list of 10 visitors. Visitors must followall rules and dress accordingly when visiting. Seven facilities also offer video visitation.

Family and friends are allowedto email an inmate in prison using the JPay system. You can read the details ofhow this works here.

Michigan has partnered with GlobalTel*Link Corporation (GTL) for all phone calls between family, friends, andinmates. You can use the system to purchase prepaid phone minutes so yourincarcerated loved one can call you.

You can easily send “approved”mail to an inmate by addressing it as follows:

John A. Smith, #123456

Michigan Correctional Facility

123 Prison Street

Anytown, MI 48909

Michigan uses the JPaysystem for inmate funds, and you can use it to send money toyour loved one doing time so they can purchase items from the canteen.

Federal Jails

  • Detroit RRM
    Address: 4026 E. Arkona Rd., Milan, MI 48160
    Phone: 734-439-7653

Police Departments in Michigan

  • Home Township Police Department
    Address: 1251 Howard City Edmore Rd Ne, Edmore, MI 48829
    Phone: 989-427-3220
  • Ithaca Police Department
    Address: 122 N Maple St, Ithaca, MI 48847
    Phone: 989-875-2333
  • Ludington Police Department
    Address: 408 S Harrison, Ludington, MI 49431
    Phone: 231-869-5858
  • Marcellus Police Department
    Address: 177 E Main St, Marcellus, MI 49067
    Phone: (269)646-3166
  • Napoleon Police Department
    Address: 6755 Brooklyn Rd, Napoleon, MI 49261
    Phone: (517) 536-4487
  • New Buffalo Police Department
    Address: 224 W. Buffalo St, New buffalo, MI 49117
    Phone: 269-469-1593
  • Pleasant Ridge Police Department
    Address: 23925 Woodward Ave, Pleasant ridge, MI 48069
    Phone: 248-541-2900
  • South Lyon Police Department
    Address: 219 Whipple Street, South lyon, MI 48178
    Phone: 248-437-1773
  • St Louis Police Department
    Address: 108 W Saginaw St, St louis, MI 48880
    Phone: (989)681-2211
  • Sumpter Township Police Department
    Address: 23501 Sumpter Road, Belleville, MI 48111
    Phone: (734)461-4833

Michigan Counties

  • Alcona
  • Alger
  • Allegan
  • Alpena
  • Antrim
  • Arenac
  • Baraga
  • Barry
  • Bay
  • Benzie
  • Berrien
  • Branch
  • Calhoun
  • Cass
  • Charlevoix
  • Cheboygan
  • Chippewa
  • Clare
  • Clinton
  • Crawford
  • Delta
  • Dickinson
  • Eaton
  • Emmet
  • Genesee
  • Gladwin
  • Gogebic
  • Grand Traverse
  • Gratiot
  • Hillsdale
  • Houghton
  • Huron
  • Ingham
  • Ionia
  • Iosco
  • Iron
  • Isabella
  • Jackson
  • Kalamazoo
  • Kalkaska
  • Kent
  • Keweenaw
  • Lake
  • Lapeer
  • Leelanau
  • Lenawee
  • Livingston
  • Luce
  • Mackinac
  • Macomb
  • Manistee
  • Marquette
  • Mason
  • Mecosta
  • Menominee
  • Midland
  • Missaukee
  • Monroe
  • Montcalm
  • Montmorency
  • Muskegon
  • Newaygo
  • Oakland
  • Oceana
  • Ogemaw
  • Ontonagon
  • Osceola
  • Oscoda
  • Otsego
  • Ottawa
  • Presque Isle
  • Roscommon
  • Saginaw
  • Sanilac
  • Schoolcraft
  • Shiawassee
  • Tuscola
  • Van Buren
  • Washtenaw
  • Wayne
  • Wexford
Michigan Inmate Search, Prison and Jail Information (2024)
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